Documentary Photography Website by Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre

At last and after almost a year of negative searching, scanning, dust cleanning, retouching and an awful lot of doubting, .... my new documentary website is finally on line. Many people know me just as an architectural photographer but over the years I have worked on documentary projects as well. Many more stories will be uploaded soon.

Underworld (©Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre. Goldsmiths College, London 1995-96) 
“Independent scientific tests were done on a sample of 100 seat covers from different tube carriages. Traces of urine, faeces, sweat, semen, rat hair, rat urine and the fungi flammulina velutipes were found on 60 percent of the seats. Although no one would suggest London Underground’s tasteful upholstery is particularly clean, the chances of semen having made its way on to 6 out of every 10 seats is somewhat improbable. Afterall, Londoners barely talk to each other on the tube, let alone have sex”.
London Underground Myths.