Photography Workshops in Barcelona / Architecture and Urban Landscape 3-14 of July 2017

Julius Shullman : "Architects live and die by the photographs taken of their buildings".  

The Programme : 
Whether you are a photography student or a professional, an architect or indeed an enthusiast amateur with a curious mind, the Architecture & Urban Landscape workshop  is suitable to anyone with an interest in the city as a playground for visual exploration.
Louis Kahn “ Often the image we carry in our mind´s eye of any particular great building was first seen through the lens by Ezra Stoller”. 
"...Attributed to the new wave of architectural awareness, today, this simple nature and purpose of the architectural photograph has been infested with twenty first century commercialism and the mass culture debate. The photography of architecture thus places itself in an important position within society, highlighting what we may experience but no necessarily notice, and enabling us to see sights that we may not been able to see with our own eyes". Claire Bandy, Architect and researcher, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom 2005.
Photography of Architecture.
This introductory 2 days lecture will be a presentation of how photography of architecture has evolved over time, looking at the history of representation of the built environment and the entwined relationship between architecture and photography. It will also offer students the opportunity to know first hand about my experience as professional in the discipline. From brief reading, negotiating of fees, prep work prior to the shooting  to photography on location, digital post production to marketing and distribution of images in an increasingly competitive digital world. Addressing issues related to archive management and issuing contracts for architects and interior designers, as well as  licensing copyrights (Rights Manage vs Royalty Free) for editorial, corporate and advertising clients.
Urban Landscape; the assignment.
At the end of the first day, students will be asked to think of a project that they will carry out during the duration of the workshop. The workshop proposes an exploration of the city and its built environment as a subject of visual interest. Focusing on the production of a body of work, students will be asked to develop a personal project on a given topic as the result of the exploration of the city and its urban and human fabric. The city as a  canvas, a theatrical stage where multiple realities converge and can be explored visually.  Ideas such as life in a neighborhood, social vs landmark architecture, urban utopias, private versus public or appropriation of the territory, are just few of the immense variety of topics that can be explored. However students will be encouraged to think out of the box a come with ideas of their own to be developed as a photographic project. 

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-The duration of the workshop will be a total of 24 hours divided into 6 alternative days. All classes will be Monday to Friday from 5 pm until 9 pm. 
-A maximum of 6 students will be taken at the time. This is to ensure the quality of the time I can dedicate to each of you. However this will be a on going program so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to join us. A minimum of 4 students will be required to be confirmed in order for the workshop to take place. 
-All classes,  lectures and reviews of works in progress will take place in my new studio-workshop in the heart of La Ribera in Barcelona´s old town.  Spanish and English will be the vehicular languages used in the workshops.
-You are expected to find time outside the classes to produce the photographs of the assignment.  
-Furthermore you are also expected to bring your own cameras and tripods. At The Studio Workshop we will provide you with a computer and calibrated monitor for you to show your work in progress to other students.  But if you would rather bring your own laptop computer to the lectures you are welcome to do so.
-Fees are 380 € : To secure your place in the next available workshop a 20% deposit should be paid in advance. The remaining sum should be paid no later than a weeks before the start of the workshop. 
 -We will provide you with a computer and calibrated monitor for you to show your work in progress to other students. However as  it is always nicer to work with one´s computer, if you would rather bring your own laptop you are welcome to do so.
- For any other question of to book you place, please contact me on or call to chat to me in person on : +34 617003447